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Hyakubyakukoji Malted Rice Drink

Product introduction

We carefully selected “Japanese malted rice and raw milk only” to create “amazake (sweet sake) with milk!” known to prevent loss of energy in the summer.
It non-alcoholic, with absolutely no additives including sugar or preservatives, and Hyakubyakukoji brings out the natural effects of the ingredients and uses the enzymatic effects of malted rice (fermentation) to finely decompose nutritional components of milk. Its volume is 100 times more than that of milk, which is very easily absorbed in the body with a natural sweetness that is gentle on the body. Amazake’s glucose and fiber, milk’s mineral and vitamins including calcium, and the aforementioned free amino acid are now packed all in one in this bottle and easy to consume.
Ingredients Raw milk (from Miyazaki), malted rice (from Japan)
Volume 150ml/bottle
Storage method Store in the refrigerator
Company name Hakusuisha Nyugyo Co., Ltd.
Address 3-2-5 Miyazakieki-higashi, Miyazaki-shi, Miyazaki
Phone +81-985-29-2988
FAX +81-985-22-8195