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Easy Microwavable Baked Sweet Potato

Product introduction

We all know, sweet potato is best enjoyed as baked potato!
But baking sweet potato takes time -> about one hour depending on your equipment, plus its hard to tell when its done... and wala! Just when you think it’s baked, you find out it's still raw in the middle. Let us propose a solution.
Farmers know a delicious way to bake, and sweet potatoes are directly baked locally and insta-frozen at its peak deliciousness.
We packed in all the goodness!
Enjoy it simply by popping it in the microwave!
Enjoy it cold like ice cream!
Ingredients Sweet potato
Volume 250g
Storage method Keep frozen lower than 18 degrees Celsius below zero
Company name Kushima Aoi Farm. Co.
Address 5-3 Higashicho, Kushima-shi, Miyazaki
Phone +81-987-71-2117
FAX +81-987-71-2118