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Gorgonzola Gelato D & P

Product introduction

A premium gelato created by “food evangelist” Chef Hiromitsu Nakahara, approved even by Miyazaki’s ambassador.
2 types of Gorgonzola from semi-hard cheese store Si Invernizzi and freshly-squeezed milk from cows raised with selected food in Mount Kirishama. This homemade-style gelato is free of added aroma, coloring, and preservatives to bring out its original ingredients.
The rich, creamy and deep taste from 2 variations of Gorgonzola pairs very well with wine.
Ingredients Milk, natural cheese (Gorgonzola from Italy), granulated sugar, caster sugar, egg yolk
Volume 80ml/item
Storage method Keep frozen lower than 18 degrees Celsius below zero
Company name TNETPRO Co., Ltd.
Address 2nd floor, 4-11 Miyazakieki-higashi, Miyazaki-shi, Miyazaki
Phone +81-985-26-8851
FAX +81-985-75-0444