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Manraku Broiled Unagi Eel with Herbs 2 piece set

Product introduction

We only use eel from Miyazaki and is farmed with care by experts using groundwater. They are then strictly selected for their meat and flavor, and we only use those that have soft meat and great flavor. Our one and only sauce has no added colors, which brings out the best in its ingredients and and the careful charcoal-fired process adds delicious smell.
Ingredients Unagi kabayaki (broiled eel from Miyazaki, soy sauce, mirin sweetened sake, fermented seasoning, sugar, thickener (processed starch)), sauce (soy sauce, mirin sweetenend sake, sugar, sake), sansho Japanese pepper, (some ingredients may contain wheat or soy)  
Volume 2 broiled eels (320g total), 2 bags of sauce, 2 bags of sansho Japanese pepper
Storage method Keep frozen lower than 18 degrees Celsius below zero
Company name Manraku Co., Ltd.
Address 2300 Shioji, Miyazaki-shi, Miyazaki
Phone +81-985-30-1311
FAX +81-985-73-2175