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Marumi Pork Dressed Meat (whole)

Product introduction

Marumi pigs raised in Kawanami-cho, Miyazaki is prized for its “odorless sweet fat”. To tell you the truth we do not raise our animals to be “delicious”, but strive every day for them to be “healthy”. To promote their intestinal activities we use microbially-activated well water and our very own yeast-blended feed. We believe this delicious taste is born as a result of cherishing these 3 factors-love, water, and feed.
Ingredients Pork
Volume Approximately 55kg
Storage method Frozen
Company name Kyodo Farm Co., Ltd.
Address 3403 Kawaminami-cho, Koyu-gun, Miyazaki
Phone +81-983-27-4180
FAX +81-983-27-4808