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Thank you for your inquiry. We accept suggestions and inquiries via the form below. Please fill out the necessary information, check the “send email”, then click the button.
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In case you do not receive a reply email regarding your inquiry

Please check below in case you do not receive a reply email from us after you have sent an inquiry form.

【1】Incorrect email address
Please confirm the email address is correct prior to sending email.
【2】Set it as a spam email
Please check your spam folder.
【3】Rejection setting on cell phone
Please turn off your default domain setting on your rejection setting. Domains: “”, “”, “”
【4】Not a standard email address according to RFC is used such as continuous dots(...) or dot in front of @ (.@)(docomo, au)
【5】Free emails such as (

There may be a case where you do not receive a reply due to reasons stated above. Please kindly contact us by phone or fax in case you do not hear from us 2-3 days after you send an email.