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Product introduction

Aokage was born in 2006 after making numerous attempts and adjustments in various brewing processes. It is made by atmospheric distillation to produce a strong, deep, rich flavor. The rich and long aftertaste is the reason why our elbow-bending customers love it and say, "I can enjoy the flavors of a distilled liquor equal to foreign liquors. In Japan, Aokage is produced twice a year-in the spring and fall.
Ingredients Barley, barley malt
Volume 720ml
Storage method May be stored in room temperature (away from direct sunlight)
Company name Yanagita Distillery Co., Ltd.
Address 14-4 Hayasuzu cho, Miyakonojo-shi, Miyazaki
Phone +81-986-25-3230
FAX +81-986-25-3231