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Mochio Senbonzakura

Product introduction

Our one and only sweet potato shochu remaining from the beginning of our establishment. Although this shochu had once been discontinued, it made a proud comeback after 35 years in 2013. We use “Koganesengan” sweet potato abundantly grown in south Kyushu, and the same groundwater used in other shochu-well water that has been handed down for generations. Added black malt helps create a heavy and robust taste. The mild sweetness is favored by women, too.
Ingredients Barley, barley malt
Volume 720ml
Storage method May be stored in room temperature (away from direct sunlight)
Company name Yanagita Distillery Co., Ltd.
Address 14-4 Hayasuzu cho, Miyakonojo-shi, Miyazaki
Phone +81-986-25-3230
FAX +81-986-25-3231