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Miyazaki’s Japanese Black Tea Single Tea Bag

Product introduction

This is a safe and sound JA original product. that uses tea leaves grown in Miyazaki without the use of pesticides during the cultivation period and is taken under primary processing on a tea-exclusive line and completed by a tea sommelier. Tea leaves harvested in the spring and processed are matured for 2 years to obtain a concentrated flavor. Produced with love and care, the tea has deep flavor, less bitter taste, and a mild sweetness. Please try this Japanese black tea that will pair well with Western and Japanese cuisines.
Ingredients Fermented tea (grown in Miyazaki-city, Kunitomi-town)
Volume 1 teabag (2g)
Storage method Room temperature
Company name JA Miyazaki Chuou
Address Core Hanagashima 4th floor, 829-1 Kamonomaru, Hanagashima-cho, Miyazaki-shi, Miyazaki
Phone +81-985-31-519
FAX +81-985-20-1437