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Cold-Wind-Dried Pickled Radish Takuan (No additives)

Product introduction

This is a safe and sound JA original product that uses unique tea grown by 25 farmers in the central Miyazaki area, which are blended with good balance and processed. “Ichibancha (first tea crop)”, which is made with abundant tea leaves that are harvested during the most tasteful time of the year is packed conveniently for single use. The gentle clear flavor and steady aroma will linger and fill your mouth. Please enjoy the fresh flavor this land of tea has to offer. (To be released in February, 2017)
Ingredients Green tea (grown in Miyazaki-city, Kunitomi-town)
Volume 2g for 1 teabag
Storage method Room temperature
Company name JA Miyazaki Chuou
Address Core Hanagashima 4th floor, 829-1 Kamonomaru, Hanagashima-cho, Miyazaki-shi, Miyazaki
Phone +81-985-31-519
FAX +81-985-20-1437