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Frozen Miyazaki Sweet Cheese Bun (5 pieces)

Product introduction

Miyazaki’s famous confection, the Cheese Bun. It is well-loved as a Miyazaki local favorite. A crisp-textured skin with red bean paste loaded with cheese—this seemingly mismatched taste will amazingly mix inside your mouth to concoct a melting deliciousness, which is why people love this product.
Ingredients Flour, cheese, food with milk as its main ingredient (cheese, vegetable oil, dextrin, others), sugar, egg, margarine, almond butter, white bean paste, starch syrup, egg yolk, honey, thickener (processed starch), leavening, trehalose, acetate (Na), gelatin, stabilizer (locust bean gum), flavoring, pH conditioner, emulsifier, sodium phosphate, cellulose, whey salt, food color (carotene), (some ingredients contain soy)
Volume 5 pieces (40g x 5)
Storage method Keep frozen
Company name Food Life Co., Ltd.
Address 5265-51 Yoshinomoto-cho, Miyakonojyo-shi, Miyazaki (Yumemigaoka)
Phone +81-986-33-2773
FAX +81-986-33-2778