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Yumemigaoka Jumbo Cream Puffs

Product introduction

Light and crispy home-made jumbo pie crust is filled with our specialty rich original custard cream. A famous cream puff filled with custard cream made with brand milk from Miyakonojyo, Miyazaki and local eggs, which is blended with whip cream to pursue a well-balanced taste.
Ingredients Milk, flour, eggs, whip cream (dairy, dextrin), margarine, fast spread, sugar, egg yolk, shortening, salt, vanilla paste, trehalose, caseinNa, emulsifier, leavening, sodium phosphate, potassium phosphate, flavoring, stabilizer (polysacharide thickener), V.C, food color (carotene), (some ingredients contain soy)
Volume 1 piece (100g)
Storage method Keep frozen
Company name Food Life Co., Ltd.
Address 5265-51 Yoshinomoto-cho, Miyakonojyo-shi, Miyazaki (Yumemigaoka)
Phone +81-986-33-2773
FAX +81-986-33-2778