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Product introduction

[This refreshing pilsner beer will remind you of golden waves in a barley field.] Proudly from Takaharu town in the west side of Miyazaki. Using barley carefully grown in the land called “Jinmu no Sato” that is brewed with an original SPG membrane filtration technology, this pilsner is shiny gold like a barley field. A polished and sharp taste. Awarded grand prize at a world-class contest.
—International Beer Competition Grand Prize 
*Bottle division German-style pilsner category
Ingredients Malt, Miyazaki-grown barley, hop, beer yeast, Mukabaki spring water
Volume 330ml
Storage method Store at room temperature avoiding direct sunlight in a cool and dry place
Company name Miyazaki Hideji Beer Co., Ltd.
Address 747-58 Mukabaki-cho, Nobeoka-shi, Miyazaki
Phone +81-982-39-0090
FAX +81-982-38-0080