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Miyazaki’s Favorite Aoshima Senbei Crackers Fruity

Product introduction

Aoshima Senbei Crackers Fruity was born as a sister product to Miyazaki’s favorite souvenir Aoshima Senbei Crackers. Creams are made with Miyazaki’s signature ripened mango, Hyuganatsu citrus, and strawberries—all fruity, and flavorful creams sandwiched between crispy thin Western-style senbei crackers.
You can enjoy 3 flavors of tropical Miyazaki all at once, making it the perfect souvenir or gift from Miyazaki.
19th Japanese Confectionery Exposition Honorary President Takamatsunomiya Award.
Ingredients Flour, sugar, shortening, powdered sugar, rice powder, etc.
Volume 12 crackers (2 crackers x 6 packs)
Storage method Room temperature (Store in cool and dry place away from direct sunlight)
Company name Okashi no Nissindo Co., Ltd.
Address 2-10-5 Jyogasaki, Miyazaki-shi, Miyazaki
Phone +81-985-51-3085
FAX +81-985-51-3095