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Western-style Japanese Sweets Phoenix Street

Product introduction

This is a lightly sweetened dairy sweets with condensed milk and eggs.
Wonderfully-textured white bean paste mixed with egg yolk is wrapped in buttered-up dough and baked to perfection.
This is a happy medium between Western and Japanese, creating a classy taste perfect to pair with tea, and popular among children to the elderly.
The product name originated from the prefecture tree “Phoenix” representing tropical Miyazaki.
Ingredients White raw candy, sugar, flour, condensed milk, butter, etc.
Volume 6 crackers
Storage method Room temperature (Store in cool and dry place away from direct sunlight)
Company name Okashi no Nissindo Co., Ltd.
Address 2-10-5 Jyogasaki, Miyazaki-shi, Miyazaki
Phone +81-985-51-3085
FAX +81-985-51-3095