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Taste with Confidence National Competitive Exhibition of Wagyu Beef Two-time Champion Miyazaki Beef

Mouthwatering sweet and robust flavor of perfect ratio of fat in our Shimofuri that melts in your mouth

Japan’s best beef

“Oh, very good!” We have the flavor that keeps everyone’s heads nodding. Best premium beef “Miyazaki beef” is a two-time champion named the “best in Japan” for its meat quality at the National Competitive Exhibition of Wagyu Beef held once every 5 years. Only the selected cattle born and raised in Miyazaki in the Kuroge Black Cattle line and designated as grade 4 or above by the Japan Meat Grading Association are named the “Miyazaki beef” brand. “Miyazaki beef” are a great blend of Japan’s 3 major brands -- big-boned “Kedaka”, well-balanced “Ito”, and premium quality “Tajima” - which were born after multiple cross-breeding to produce a superior type of cattle.

Calves to become national brand-name cattle

40% of calves born and raised in Miyazaki are sent outside the prefecture (around 9 to 10 months old), and raised as popular brand-name cattle all over the nation. This is unique to Wagyu beef from Miyazaki. “Breeding cattle farmers” who breed and raise calves are mostly small-scale farmers and raise their calves as one of their own until the day the cows are sent away.

The calves are sent to “fattening farmers” who fatten up the calves from 10 months to about 30 months of age. The farmers sharpen their senses to take care of the cattle’s health and provide grass and grains according to their fattening stage. Miyazaki beef is the best premium beef born due to the rich nature and generous love of the farmers.

Deep taste

Soft, solid red meat with a perfect blend of sweet and flavor-packed fat makes this artistic shimofuri marbled beef. Steak, shabushabu, yakiniku BBQ, roast beef, hamburg steak all become exquisite treats. This highly aromatic meat juice and melting shimofuri umami are a result of loving care in the warm bounty of nature Miyazaki has to offer.

Miyazaki beef can now be enjoyed not only in restaurants in Miyazaki, but in Tokyo, Osaka, and Fukuoka with Miyazaki beef authorized dealers with over a certain amount of Miyazaki beef. Miyazaki’s prefectural beef including Miyazaki beef are exported overseas from export-certified factories in amounts of 208 tons annually (2015), and the demands are still growing. Much of exports go to North America, Hong Kong, Macao, and Singapore.