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Miyazaki’s Spring Sun Hyuganatsu

Bright lemon yellow sweetness boosted by the white dress


Refreshing sweet and sour taste
- Miyazaki’s signature fruit -

Hyuganatsu is a citrus fruit originally grown in Miyazaki, and tales say the first tree was found in a house in MIyazaki around 1820. Since then the fruit has been named “Hyuganatsu” and cultivated in various places. It is now one of the products representing Miyazaki.

Hyuganatsu is a round fruit that is vivid lemon yellow in color, and research has revealed that the sun-soaked Hyuganatsu contains components that help prevent osteoporosis.


Enjoy the white fluff (albedo) between the outer peel and the fruit

Hyuganatsu is special in its way of enjoying it: There is a bright white dress (albedo) between the outer peel and the fruit, which has a mild sweet flavor. Please leave the white dress and eat it with the fruit for a boost of flavor.
Hyuganatsu has an unmatched refreshing aroma and sourness, which balance perfectly with the soft sweet albedo, and increasing fans all over Japan love the unique taste and eating manner.

Thanks to greenhouses and technology to produce unseeded or less-seeded types, we are now able to easily enjoy a more delicious Hyuganatsu. The unique fresh after taste makes it great for dressings and sweets, and Hyuganatsu drinks are popular drinks that refreshes us during the hot summers in Miyazaki.

Fruit that announces spring

Although “natsu” means “summer” in Japanese, its ripe season begins in spring and goes till early summer.
House-grown Hyuganatsu start appearing on the market from December, and those grown outdoors start filling shelves around March. Hyuganatsu is the fruit that lets us know the lively “advent of spring” when flowers decorate various local tourist sites and pro baseball and pro soccer teams arrive for camps. Please enjoy the shining spring sun that is “Hyuganatsu” filling shelves this season.