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Brilliant Green Tea, the Heart of Japan

Tea from Miyazaki for a relaxing moment


Japan’s signature drink, green tea
Blessed by the sun and land in Miyazaki

Young and fresh green buds picked in April and May go through many processes to create “new tea”, which is often called “ichibancha (first tea)” because they are the first buds to be picked in the year. Tea (green tea) is picked 4 times a year until September when the days get chillier, and they are Japan’s favorite even in “Japan’s sunshine prefecture Miyazaki”, where tea leaves receive plenty of sun to produce high volumes of smooth and delicious tea.
Tea is said to have spread in Japan after a Buddhist priest brought them home after his study in China, and the origin of tea in Miyazaki started when Miyakonojo’s Shimazu feudal warriors acquired skills to cultivate and produce tea from Uji, Yamashiro. Miyazaki is now the number 4 largest producer of tea in the nation (2015).
Tea is rich in catechin and vitamins, added with bactericidal effect and helps prevent life-style related diseases. In addition, its caffeine and amino acids help you relax for better health.


Continually awarded teas from Miyazaki

Thanks to its warm climate, Miyazaki is able to produce quick-brewing tea and is mechanizing its production in its vast flat land. The convenience of petbottled-tea has led to less use of tea pots and Miyazaki’s tea production has also fluctuated, but we intently continue to improve quality of our tea. Every year Miyazaki’s tea producers have received prestigious awards including the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries Award at the National Tea Competition, which honors the best tea of the year.

Since tea leaves are easily affected by the weather, cultivating tea takes repetitive hard work, including detailed temperature management and keeping soil in good condition day and night. Have one cup of Miyazaki tea produced after such hard repetitive work and you will see how delicious it is.

“Miyazaki’s pot-roasted tea”

Miyazaki still produces “pot-roasted tea”, which is now a rare type of tea in Japan. This tea is made by stirring raw tea leaves in a large heated pot and roasting in a “magatama (ancient Japanese ornamental stone)” shape. Pot-roasted tea is known for its wonderful aroma and clear, elegant golden color, and has a mild sweetness along with its refreshing taste.

We now increasingly offer organic tea and new flavored tea in response to recent demands, which are exported to Europe, USA, and other countries.