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Carefully selected premium quality 13 brands.
Consistent production from piglets

Pork made in Miyazaki

Proudly boasting No.2 in Japan for feeding volume, Miyazaki strives to produce safer, high quality pork and offer
various premium pork by thorough production management. Miyazaki’s pork is low in saturated fat and has a refreshing in taste. Enjoy it in shabushabu hot pot, tonkatsu pork cutlet, or processed as sausages or ham. Our pork is rich in vitamins and may be enjoyed in many different ways.

Carefully selected 13 brands

“Miyazaki Brand Pork” is a select brand pork from Miyazaki. The brand, feed, and safety are all cared for with attention.
“Miyazaki Brand Pork” is a collective name for brand-certified pork made in Miyazaki. To be certified, the pork must meet the following detailed criteria:

Deep taste

  • 1) Record of production history and compliance with feeding sanitary management must be verified, and applicant must be working to improve productivity (improving livestock barn, appropriate feeding).
  • 2) Must be raised in Miyazaki, and processed by HACCP or ISO certified methods.
  • 3) Must be a breed that contributes to quality improvement, or be a system that can identify its approach to feeding and disease control.
  • 4) Its meat and fat quality must be good and graded “medium” or higher by Japan Meat Grading Association.
  • 5) Must be sold under a contract deal among producer, seller, and meat processor.

Thoroughly selected feed that decides meat quality
13 brands (as of March 2017) that have met these criteria are honored with the name “Miyazaki Brand Pork” and are proudly sold at stores nationwide. Each brand is very original, and are given appropriate feed for every development stage. The feed includes rice, sweet potato, toasted soybean flour, and grapes - these feeds are deciding factors of the soft and delicious meat quality. Each brand is creative in this own way, which contributes to their taste. Drinking water and sanitary environment are also given utmost attention, and we are serious about relieving the pigs of stress as much as possible. All pigs are raised with much love, and meet a wide range of consumer demands.