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Product introduction

Barley shochu “Tochikurige” is named after a very rare western horse. Its color is beautiful amber like a tochikurige horse, containing 41% alcohol rare for shochu and presents a robust and smooth taste. We recommend enjoying Tochikurige on the rocks, and feel the gradual change into a mild and delicate taste as the ice slowly melts and the alcohol concentration drops.
Classification Alcoholic beverage / Shochu
Company name Yanagita Distillery Co., Ltd.

Tsuki no Megami Moon Goddess

Product introduction

Raw sake made with specially-selected barley is slowly matured in oak barrel. As the name “Tsuki No Megami (Moon Goddess)” tells, successive chief female brewers has taken extra care in making this shochu. A well-balanced shochu with 38% alcohol content, which you can taste barley’s true taste and body together with the elegant and rich flavor of oak barrel storage. Amber drop loved by women. That is “Tsuki no Megami”.
Classification Alcoholic beverage / Shochu
Company name Akashi Shuzo Co., Ltd.
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