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Ohisama Cheese Bun

Product introduction

We make our cheese bun one by one by hand using carefully-selected ingredients. This crisp-layered bun is made with flour and butter from Kyushu and eggs from Miyazaki enveloping real cream cheese inside.
Classification Confection / Confection
Company name Kashi Koubou SORAIRO

OYATSUIMO Snack Sweet Potato

Product introduction

These are assorted bags of bite-sized sweet potatoes
A great snack for children when they are a little hungry.
This product is a collaboration with Sumitomo Bakelite Co., Ltd. and employs a “freshness-sealing bag (P plus)”.
This products “seals freshness”, “prevents condensation”, and “prevents gemmation”, and has been tested in-house to enable the product to be stored for approx. one month as compared with just approx. 2 weeks with a conventional bag.
This bag has been employed for all products domestic and overseas to decrease waste loss from decomposition and gemmation on the shelf.
Classification Confection / Confection
Company name Kushima Aoi Farm. Co.

Western-style Japanese Sweets Phoenix Street

Product introduction

This is a lightly sweetened dairy sweets with condensed milk and eggs.
Wonderfully-textured white bean paste mixed with egg yolk is wrapped in buttered-up dough and baked to perfection.
This is a happy medium between Western and Japanese, creating a classy taste perfect to pair with tea, and popular among children to the elderly.
The product name originated from the prefecture tree “Phoenix” representing tropical Miyazaki.
Classification Confection / Confection
Company name Okashi no Nissindo Co., Ltd.
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